Haha.. not really. But I like to pretend to be one in t-shirts that say I am. This is one of the graphic T’s I got from Old Navy last week and featured in my last post. I have basically lived in it since. I wanted to show how I paired that cool kimono from TJMaxx with it, as well as a more feminine way I styled it another day.



DSC_0797 (2)



Annnnnnd a lil more fun & flirty… *I tied it on the side because I went a size up and it doesn’t sit very well when it hangs normally.


Until next time!


Getting the Most out of Your Lipstick

This post is somewhat of a guinea pig. I have been interested in getting into digital photography over the past couple of years, but never really made a valiant effort. My boyfriend has a Nikon DSLR that pretty much sits on a shelf and collects dust, what a shame, I know! So I finally decided to bust it out and demo some beauty tips to get familiar with it. I am hoping this blog will be a good outlet for me to keep up with everything I learn in the photog world.. and hopefully you won’t have to suffer too much through my trial and error. 😉


Getting the Most out of Your Lipstick

Seems basic, right? I’ve found that there is actually more to it! These are the steps I follow to get the most wear out of my lipstick either at work or a night out to prevent myself from digging in my bag every ten minutes to reapply. Hopefully you find it useful! (The lipstick I demo with is Let’s Get Naked by Rimmel London.)

Step 1. Moisturize and Exfoliate.

Especially important if you’re using a matte formula where every nook and cranny will be exposed.


Step 2. Line and Fill.

This is the most beneficial step.Using a light hand line the outter edge of your lips, this is a nice step to add some volume to your lips too! Very slightly over draw around your cupid’s bow for a plumping effect. Then, turn the pencil on its side and lightly shade your lips with the liner.


Step 3.  Apply Lipstick.

I find that if you “pat” in the lipstick, rather than simply running it over your lips, it helps lock in the color better.


Step 4. Highlight.

This is another tip to fake a full pout. Apply a matte nude liner to your cupid’s bow and just under the center of your bottom lip. Don’t forget to blend it in, don’t want a suspicious white line across your face! A shimmery highlighter works nice too, I like Watt’s Up by Benefit as an all over face highlighter.



Step 5. Gloss.

Not always necessary, but if you have one in a complimentary shade it adds an extra oomph.

DSC_0812And there ya have it! Pretty simple. Hopefully I’ll get a little more adventurous with my camera skills in the coming posts!


Currently Pinning

I love Pinterest. I always wished there was something like Pinterest that existed, and then finally one day it did and I was all – about dang time. I especially love it for it’s categorization…Not sure if that is a legit word, but you understand, no? Autumn is my favorite season and I get so giddy for it each year that having one place to put all my inspirations is the best way for me to quickly reference any styles, beauty trends, recipes, and activities that make Autumn for what it is. I created an Autumn Inspiration board not too long ago and I get excited looking at it every time I log on! Is that nerdy? Nerdy for fashion, that is. Here are a few of my favorite looks I’ve found to compliment my board perfectly.








Something about this season man, mmm.

All links and photo credits are linked to photos via my Autumn Inspiration Pinterest board.

Lazy Dressing

The irony in this title is not lost on me. There is absolutely nothing about getting dressed that is lazy. It usually takes up the better part of my day, whether it’s the physical act or the thought process that goes into said act. But even after all that, sometimes we still want to look like we totally don’t give a —-, only in the most Kate Moss-like fashion, of course.

Prime Examples:


The added bonus in dressing in a very minimalist (but still somehow Parisian chic) kind of way is that you can actually get away with tossled untouched hair and little-to-no makeup because of the colossal shades involved. You’re welcome.

Five for Five

Round two of Five for Five today! Sadly, these are the products that were a big old miss by me. Just to clarify, these products are not the worst of the worst. In fact, some people probably rave about them. They just are not my favorite… for a few different reasons. I have reasons, I promise. Let’s jump into it.

Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Hairspray 

The one thing I did enjoy about this hairspray is that it didn’t make the list because it was a sticky, wet, mess. It was actually the opposite, it kind of does a whole lot of nothing. But for under $3.. I’ll take the loss.


L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation

Okay, probably gonna have a lot of – SAY WHATS – for this one because everyone seemed to rave about this foundation as some drugstore holy grail. It’s alright, but I honestly don’t understand the hype. It leaves a “your skin but better” finish in that it’s not cake-y or matte. It is verrrry dewy/oily though so unless you’re Gisele Bundchen and can just pull that off, you’re gonna need a good powder. I’ll continue to use it, but I probably won’t re-purchase.


Victoria’s Secret Pro Airbrush FX Face Primer

Not that I had super high expectations for this considering I got it in a kit during the semi-annual for under $8, but I was still annoyed with it. I used it in conjunction with the above mentioned foundation for at least a month, but I’ve since given up. I started using the foundation on its own recently and I realized this primer was actually the cause for the oily mid-day mess! It has a weird consistency and makes my face feel real gross after an hour of wear. No thanks.


Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer

 This product is in the same category as the Suave hairspray. Not terrible, but I wouldn’t miss it if Simple suddenly decided to forget about making it altogether. I have yet to find a moisturizer I actually like and am continually on the search. Suggestions are welcome!


MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden 

And the biggest let down of all. Again, it’s not that bad.. I just expected more. I had been using a Victoria’s Secret bronzer that I really liked but I ran out of, and I wanted to try something new. And it was MAC sooo.. ya know. It’s a decent bronzer, a pretty color if you’re as pale as I am, but it’s not my VS bronzer, man. I liked the dark, matte pay-off of the VS, whereas the MAC is more sheered out with a slight sheen.


So those are the products I’ve been loving/leaving lately. Have you tried anything amazing lately worth sharing? Anything worth leaving behind?

Five for Five

First blog post – woo hoo! I want to start with a little series I would like to continue to do which showcases five really awesome products and five products that are not-nearly as awesome. I’ll post the first portion today and continue the second portion for my next post. Most of them are beauty related, but I threw in a random to keep it interesting. Here we go!

We’ll start positive. My five favorite products of the moment.

L’Oreal EverStyle Energizing Dry Shampoo

I’ve tried multiple drugstore dry shampoos and this is by far the best. It has a fresh scent but it’s not over-powering and it won’t leave your hair smelling like a greasy flower. I haven’t noticed any residue either like some of the others will do.  I can go about 4 days using this before my hair starts to look a little funky.. what’s that? You should probably never wait that long to wash your hair?… Moving on.


John Freida Frizz-Ease Hairspray

I grabbed this from the travel section of Wal-Mart because I had a short work trip where I’d be flying to and I could not handle being without hair spray for three days. Because I’m a woman.


Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin 

I used to cake the crap out of my face with Maybelline’s Dream Mousse foundation in high school, so buying this brought back a flash of horrid memories, but I am pleasantly surprised! MakeupByTiffanyD on YouTube recommended these so I picked it up in Peach Satin.


Pantene Pro-V Silicone Free Volume Shampoo

I had been using the Organix Moraccon Argon Oil shampoo (the blue bottle) and I loved the smell and how healthy my hair felt, but after just one day my roots would be ridiculously oily. Not okay. I read on Lauren Conrad’s blog ( that using a clear shampoo leaves hair a lot cleaner feeling.. a.k.a. won’t leave you looking like you dunked your head in a grease bucket. Approved!


Nike Flex 2013 Running Shoes

I’ve attempted to start a regular work out routine, so I figured it would be a good investment to get a new pair of sneaks. Mine weren’t old and/or non-functional but they were clunky and not runner-friendly, which kind of made trying to run on a daily basis a little difficult. I scored these at a majoooor deal and I’ve been so happy with them! Very lightweight and stylish.. I may actually wear them out in the real world! :O


Thanks for reading, come back to see which products were a big old miss!