A Peek Inside

A peek into a rare day off of mine…

Usually how I start my morning: coffee and Bloglovin.

DSC_0786 (2)

Spin a record or two for a chill morning.

I have probably been to Old Navy a total of 8 times in my life, but I have been seeing the brand talked about a lot in the blogosphere as of late and I wanted to see what all the hype was about for myself so that was my first stop of the day. The humidity + heat index here is ridiculous and makes you want to go out sans pants, but that’s not as publicly acceptable as this outfit.

I was really aiming to find new pieces for work, but ended up getting these cool graphic tees.


(I got the “Rebel” tee in a Medium because there weren’t any Smalls left, but I kind of like it oversized.)




DSC_0820 (2)Found these cool faux ear cuffs at Old Navy, too! Super cute.

I headed to TJMaxx next to find some unique picture frames for a small gallery wall I have in mind. And of course, I ran through the clothing racks, because.. clothes. Found this kimono in the mix and thought it was too cool to leave without.

TJMaxx1 TJMaxx2

Saw this cute tumbler in line at TJMaxx and thought it was precious! Perfect for making iced coffees at home. I didn’t get it, but I may find myself back there this week for it…


Seeing all the new styles in stores around today got my excited for Fall and the coming months. I conjured up a few cool outfits in mind for these graphic T’s and will probably post those next. Considering it’s been hellacious in the dirty South the past month, I would not mind Fall coming early this year. I mean 90+ degrees and 50% humidity is just uncalled for, am I right?!

I have my fingers crossed.


Getting the Most out of Your Lipstick

This post is somewhat of a guinea pig. I have been interested in getting into digital photography over the past couple of years, but never really made a valiant effort. My boyfriend has a Nikon DSLR that pretty much sits on a shelf and collects dust, what a shame, I know! So I finally decided to bust it out and demo some beauty tips to get familiar with it. I am hoping this blog will be a good outlet for me to keep up with everything I learn in the photog world.. and hopefully you won’t have to suffer too much through my trial and error. 😉


Getting the Most out of Your Lipstick

Seems basic, right? I’ve found that there is actually more to it! These are the steps I follow to get the most wear out of my lipstick either at work or a night out to prevent myself from digging in my bag every ten minutes to reapply. Hopefully you find it useful! (The lipstick I demo with is Let’s Get Naked by Rimmel London.)

Step 1. Moisturize and Exfoliate.

Especially important if you’re using a matte formula where every nook and cranny will be exposed.


Step 2. Line and Fill.

This is the most beneficial step.Using a light hand line the outter edge of your lips, this is a nice step to add some volume to your lips too! Very slightly over draw around your cupid’s bow for a plumping effect. Then, turn the pencil on its side and lightly shade your lips with the liner.


Step 3.  Apply Lipstick.

I find that if you “pat” in the lipstick, rather than simply running it over your lips, it helps lock in the color better.


Step 4. Highlight.

This is another tip to fake a full pout. Apply a matte nude liner to your cupid’s bow and just under the center of your bottom lip. Don’t forget to blend it in, don’t want a suspicious white line across your face! A shimmery highlighter works nice too, I like Watt’s Up by Benefit as an all over face highlighter.



Step 5. Gloss.

Not always necessary, but if you have one in a complimentary shade it adds an extra oomph.

DSC_0812And there ya have it! Pretty simple. Hopefully I’ll get a little more adventurous with my camera skills in the coming posts!