Words to Live By

Words to Live By

For an upcoming work meeting my boss e-mail blasted us that we will need to bring our favorite inspirational quote to share with the rest of the group. I can’t say I have a favorite author that I refer to often, but I do have a Pinterest board filled with some inspiring words. That counts, right? There is one quote I remember reading on a magazine cover with model Agyness Deyn (Sidenote: Where’s that chick been!?) awhile back that read, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” I don’t know if she is the one to have coined it first considering I have since seen it other places, and recently came across it again via Pinterest.

I have some major work/personal/life/wordly considerations coming up so I thought the timing was perfect as I read through some of my favorite quotes I’ve Pinned. Here are just a few of my favorites.






And this one just may be my favorite.


What are some of your favorite inspiring quotes that you like to look at in a pickle?

All links to photos on my “verbage” Pinterest board. Follow me to see more!


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