iPhone Photo Roundup

I have been feeling so blasé about my wardrobe lately, which has caused me to do more shopping than usual but I’m totally okay with it considering the awesome sales I’ve been scoring. I went to a boutique opening hosted by the blogger Happily Grey (http://happilygrey.com/) on Thursday and then just made a night of shopping on the town with my sister. I scored two shirts from Express for $20! I mean.. really. Later on this week I went to a trendy store, Altar’d State, where their sale was Buy One Get One FREE. Yes, free. So I walked out with four shirts for right about $20. Can you beat that?! I think not.

A couple of outfits from this week

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It’s finally sweaaaater weaaaather

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What I wore to the boutique opening; with my new RACHEL Rachel Roy bag

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While out shopping on Thursday I made a quick stop by the jewelry counter at Nordstrom and found this beauty

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Ahh, that watch! The band is the most gorgeous black quilted leather and I must have it soon. Perhaps an early Christmas gift.. to myself?


Weekend Picks

Pinterest is a terrible, terrible place where all logical thinking and well-thought-out budgeting goes to die. Ever since the turn of “Fall” my Pinterest boards (link in top right) have been maxxed out with pins of moody nail polish & make-up colors, any and everything leather, and all the best autumn hues. So, naturally, I felt the need to do the same to my own closet. I did a very quick trip out this weekend and these are the goodies I found.


L’Oreal nail polish in the color ‘Haute Couture’ – I mean, even the name is perfect. It is the fourth from the left in the picture.

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Forever 21

Cat eye glasses $5.80

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Wine-colored skinnies $15.80

photo 1


Cynthia Rowley leather accent pants $24.99

I wasn’t kidding. Leather. Everything.

photo 2

RACHEL Rachel Roy crossbody bag $19.99



Ugh. Those iPhone pictures are basically insulting to this bag. This bag yelled my name across the store, told me to snatch it up and never leave my sight again in all it’s perfect-ness. I had one of those moments when you’re shopping and you just get so excited that your face/body starts doing all sorts of weird convulsions. I always wonder what loss prevention/security guards think of me if they catch me in a weird shopping-induced hyper-ventilating attack. I mean, it happens to the best of us.. right?

iPhone Photo Roundup

I’m still trying to establish a regular routine to this here blog, so I figured in the mean time I’d start a few different series and see which ones show up on the regular. Totally not an actual plan by any means, but I’m the boss of this thing and that’s just how things are gonna run around here.

So — here are a few randos found on the iPhone from this past week.

My hair goodies – and yes, both dry shampoos are necessary.

Sidenote: Holy crap how have I not tried Batiste until recently?! Scooore.

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A wedding rehearsal outfit (taken in the BF’s room.) I feel like my main past-time of the past four months has been attending wedding/wedding shenanagins.

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Work outfit. Simple because my brain hurt too much to come up with anything better.

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Outfit when I met up with a friend to catch the Head and the Heart at a local record shop. In which the following video was recorded…

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Parking lot party with the Head and the Heart! They were super nice and went outside to play their last song of their set for the few stragglers who didn’t get a chance to make it inside because of the max capacity limit. We met up at their truck and afterwards they stayed and chatted with everyone. My friends and I got to talk to Josiah for a bit, and after one hyper-active tween interrupted us he thanked us for being “cool”. Yeah, we are pretty cool.

Words to Live By

Words to Live By

For an upcoming work meeting my boss e-mail blasted us that we will need to bring our favorite inspirational quote to share with the rest of the group. I can’t say I have a favorite author that I refer to often, but I do have a Pinterest board filled with some inspiring words. That counts, right? There is one quote I remember reading on a magazine cover with model Agyness Deyn (Sidenote: Where’s that chick been!?) awhile back that read, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” I don’t know if she is the one to have coined it first considering I have since seen it other places, and recently came across it again via Pinterest.

I have some major work/personal/life/wordly considerations coming up so I thought the timing was perfect as I read through some of my favorite quotes I’ve Pinned. Here are just a few of my favorites.






And this one just may be my favorite.


What are some of your favorite inspiring quotes that you like to look at in a pickle?

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