It’s Official

Yes, now that it is officially Autumn I can rant and rave about all things Fall and no one can say a thing about it.

There are plenty of reasons to absolutely fall in love with this season. One of my favorites is the shift in hues coming into September. Summer is great and I feel like I get a little more risqué and quirky with my fashion choices, but deep down I am such a Fall girl. Olive and tan and burgundy, oh my! Not only with clothing, but with my beauty picks too. I am already researching what my next plummy delicious lipstick will be for the season.

And what would Autumn be without deep, rich nail polish? These are my two faves of the moment. Left: OPI Barefoot in Barcelona, Right: OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

photo (4)photo (5)


Welcome to this Century

Call me old-fashioned here, but I have never put music on my iPhone. The Pandora and Spotify apps have always done the job and I never saw the need to spend five million hours (an accurate depiction of length involved in downloading music) linking all my music to my phone. I have my iPod from the 18th Century that I’ll use from time to time, but that hasn’t been updated since… who knows when. So finally, one day here recently, I decided to put that iPhone to use.

A photo via my Instagram; during the 5,000 hour download process

photo (3)


It’s actually been fun going through and updating all my music. I usually have my core favorites, but I’ve been discovering a lot of new/new-to-me artists in the process. I’ll share with you what’s made the cut:

Stand-by Favorites:

  1. The Black Keys – Attack and Release (2008) and Rubber Factory (2004)
  2. The Civil Wars – The Civil Wars (2013) **Seriously obsessed, can’t stop listening
  3. Dawes – Stories Don’t End (2013)
  4. Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City (2013)

Recent Discoveries:

  1. Robert Plant & Alison Kraus – Raising Sand (2007)
  2. Jason Isbell and the 400 Units
  3. Billy Squier
  4. Typhoon

Happy listening!

It Happened

It happened. The unthinkable. I. Bought. Crocs. I cringed just typing that! But these are not your ordinary Crocs. Let me explain.



So working on my feet all day is seriously taking a toll on my poor legs. I did some internet searching and found a couple of brands that I was going to hunt for in store. I went to a department store just the other day and wasn’t too impressed with what I found as far as “comfort flats” are concerned. Then I found the Crocs. Surprisingly cute and only $40? It took me awhile to accept it, but after talking to the associate in the store I decided its worth a shot. I’ll let ya know how they perform!

A better shot of the flats:




The largest/cleanest Goodwill you will ever imagine is just down the road from my house. Brand spankin new without all the weird smells yet! I got lucky and went in on a Saturday without a mission, but left super happy with two purchases totally $3. A perfectly worn-in little boys chambray button up & this side-slit maxi skirt. It’s so 1990’s I can’t even stand it, in the best way possible.

Top: Kohls | Skirt: Goodwill

We Wear Pink on {Saturdays}

We Wear Pink on {Saturdays}

So you know when you go in to Target for two things and come out with ten? Yeah, that happened this week. Twice. But this shirt I tell you! So colorful and flowy with the cool exposed zipper in the back.. and it was only $12? Ya just don’t walk away from that. Or the other two tops you got. Along with the underwear… see? Two becomes ten very easy.


Top: Target | Skirt: New York & Company

Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat

Hot hot hot. That’s the only way to describe what’s happening outside right now. September, you’re lettin me down, man. I guess I’ll take advantage of being able to wear easy-peasy summer maxi dresses for awhile. And I’m okay with that.

Sidenote: My BF thinks I’m suddenly worshiping the devil due to my sideways cross. The price of trends these days!

Dress: Ross | Necklace: Kohl’s